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just my thoughts as a young Ghanaian in the diaspora.
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"if i gotta settle for a piece of you then i gotta say peace to you. with all due respect, i do respect you enough to expect. effort is all i ask. if we’re gonna last more i gotta ask for more and if that means i’m asking for too much, i’m sure we’ll end up as our last or past."

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“Dance with God, and He’ll let the perfect man cut in.”

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So true!
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YUMMY!! loove Ghanaian food! 


Ghanaian food is as healthy as it is bad for you, will have you gasping for water to escape its spiciness and yet simultaneously licking its intense flavor off your fingers. Yes, because that’s what you’ll be eating it with: your fingers :)

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"While the rest of the world has been improving technology, Ghana has been improving the quality of man’s humanity to man."

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When you’re reading a book, and something absolutely amazing happens, and you need to take a breather to let the information sink in.

And then read it 5 more times :]

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aww yea girl thts is crazy... I am an RA now so i get free room and board, and meal. All i can recommend it apply for lots of scholarship. event hte bill gates one. i know its tedious but its worth it in the end. Also apply for buton waller scholarship or fellowship if u qualify for it. and if u qualify for work study utlise it i did my sophomore year it helps and u can find a job thts not hectic

aha asem ooh, yeah scholarships and stuff working on it now during my break. what’s the buton waller and fellowship scholarship? penn state doesn’t really have scholarships for freshmen. i called them and they just said i have to wait till i send in my fafsa and wait till end of february to hear form them! hmm

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Studying 5 minutes before a test


Bwahah not me oooo

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