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just my thoughts as a young Ghanaian in the diaspora.
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African Takeover Day this Wednesday! February 29th. Wear your traditional african attire to the schools you attend, job place, etc if acceptable. Twitter hashtag = #africantakeoverday Let’s do this! 


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Ghana vs Zambia: 0-1


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this, expect the walks in the rain. 

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Reblog if you get pissed off by your own hair.

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The WORST makeup tutorial I have ever seen. 


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Awkward Black Girl

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Awkward Black Girl

hmm Team White Jay or Fred??  TEAM WHITE JAY! I can’t believe i’m saying this, but TEAM WHITE JAY!! 

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Dancers getting ready for their performance. Mampon, Ghana.

Photo by Eva Miranda

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"My faith doesn’t make me better than other men without it. It just makes me better than the man I am without it."

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"if i gotta settle for a piece of you then i gotta say peace to you. with all due respect, i do respect you enough to expect. effort is all i ask. if we’re gonna last more i gotta ask for more and if that means i’m asking for too much, i’m sure we’ll end up as our last or past."

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Ambitious Girl

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“Dance with God, and He’ll let the perfect man cut in.”

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So true!
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