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just my thoughts as a young Ghanaian in the diaspora.
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I love her.

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Bempong's Photography: Restrained or Unrestrained


I wanna talk about God

But when I try they look at me funny

They want us to go in one accord

abounding in things that only hurt the soul

Still, I wanna shout your name Lord!!

In the end, what really is my goal?

I think of Matthew 3 verse 3 to 7

I reckon that imbedded in these words is a…

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BitterSweet: Shaking


If you’re already a Christian there are definitely going to be times when you are either tired of sustaining your faith and being a diligent Christian, or times when you would like to question your faith, or would really like to question God. I was thinking…

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Azonto! The guy is good

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2010 prom <3

African Takeover Day this Wednesday! February 29th. Wear your traditional african attire to the schools you attend, job place, etc if acceptable. Twitter hashtag = #africantakeoverday Let’s do this! 


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